• Logistics warehouse
  • Warehouse of more than 4,000m2
  • Forklift Truck

Welcome to CTG ESPAIS

A CTG Espais disposem d’un magatzem general de dipòsit apte per emmagatzemar els seus productes.

We offer a space

In CTG Espais we have a bonded warehouse suitable for stocking your products. Specialized in machinery and voluminous goods, we offer a space where you can keep the products all the time you need, with prices according the square meters occupied without additional costs.

Geographic location

Located in Centelles, 40km from Barcelona in the middle of C-17, our logistic warehouse has more than 4.000m2 and provides all the equipment needed to satisfy your needs.

Temporary warehouse

Our temporary storage facility also has its own staff included, as well as the services listed below.

Our services

Gate for trailers.

Forklift Truck.

Monthly prices set according m2 occupied.

Overhead cranes for loading and unloading of 8 Tons.

Suitable for machinery, bulky or heavy items, pallets, stocks, commodities fluctuating...

Use temporarily store, only the time you need.

Contact form

If you wish to get in touch with us, simply fill out the following form or call us on the phone 637 512 436 - 677 455 234